Details of your wedding day...

Filling out this short form helps to me ensure I don't miss any of those all important details of your day. Please fill it out as best as you can and just skip over the bits that don’t apply to you by adding N/A in the box. 

Please list your suppliers here. I always share a preview of your day and it is great to tag your suppliers too!

Please list the timings as best as you can, as discussed with your wedding venue. Ie. Time of speeches, meal, first dance, cake cutting etc.

Those all important group shots! These are the ones that take the most time so my suggestion is to go for around 6 groups which will take about 30 minutes. You can list more, just bear in mind you will need to make more time to accommodate them. Please list names in each group (i.e. Us with Mum + Dad - Sarah, Stu, Carmen + George)

If you can recommend an usher/bridesmaid or family member who can help round up the guests needed for group shots, it will help shorten the time taken to capture them.

These are usually done after the group shots and away from the crowds so ideally 20-30 minutes needs to be set aside where possible but please advise if you have more or less time allocated.

Have you planned anything extra special? Made a special effort to make something? Love a particular part of your venue? Please use this box to list any of those all important details you want to be sure I capture.

As you can guess weddings are a fantastic but long day and I'm sure you can appreciate us photographers do need to eat :) It is by no means compulsory to provide a meal, but if you can let me know either way I can come prepared with my own to keep my energy levels up throughout your day.

Just for fun... I'd love to know what your most looking forward to!